2020 Recap

2020 Recap

As we roll into 2021 it’s worth taking a quick look back at what happened in the Telluride region in the past year.

2020 forced many to re-evaluate their priorities and, as working from home became more the norm than the exception, Telluride saw an unprecedented boom in real estate sales. For many this lifestyle shift also led to a re-prioritization of values, particularly in terms of how they perceived the idea of a second home. Suddenly what had been a luxury became more of a necessity and instead of fantasizing about relocating to their dream home, people did it.
Looking at dollar volume, Telluride Consulting reports that real estate sales in San Miguel County were up an astonishing 54% over 2007’s previous record year for dollar volume and up a whopping 95% over sales in 2019 with 51% more transactions in 2020 than in 2019. As a result, inventory is now at an all-time low and prices continue to rise.
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