Get Romantic: 3 Telluride Attractions for Date Night

Get Romantic: 3 Telluride Attractions for Date Night

Telluride is filled with wonderful, beautiful, and romantic destinations. The area’s majesty makes it a perfect place to spend quality time with your beloved. Whether you’re just starting things off or rekindling lasting love, there are plenty of date-night attractions in Telluride.

Planning your next Telluride date night? Here are some places that should be at the top of your list.

Take a Cozy Sleigh-Ride

Some things can only be done in Colorado. One of those characteristic activities is a sleigh ride for two – but this Telluride option takes the experience to an entirely new level.

Head to the Aldasoro Ranch for a cozy dinner for two in a gorgeous tented venue. The traditional Basque dining experience is enough to make it special, but the best part of this date night is getting to the dinner table.

You and your sweetheart will take a horse-drawn sleigh ride to the ranch’s dinner tent. You’ll get blankets, hot chocolate, and even a hot toddy upon request. It’s a fun adventure that you and your date will enjoy together.

Visit the Alta Lakes Observatory

In need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life with your loved one? The Observatory at Alta Lakes is the perfect place to go. Take an extended stay in a modern and ultra-luxe cabin that overlooks some of Telluride’s most gorgeous natural expanses.

It’s a cozy luxury cabin that’s located at a scenic 11,000 feet above sea level. You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views and will still have access to all the best comforts of home. A stay at the cabin gives you access to a hot tub, skiing, snowmobiling, and more winter pastimes.

And, the best part is that there aren’t any neighbors to disturb you. It’s just you and your loved one spending some quality time in a stunning location with premier amenities.

Gondola, Dinner, and Drinks

Gondola rides are a popular choice for couples in Colorado – but why end things there? In Telluride, you can elevate your experience even more with dinner and drinks at a luxurious mountainside restaurant.

Take a Gondola ride to Allred’s restaurant – one of Telluride’s most romantic restaurants and bars.

You get up to the cozy eatery by a Gondola ride – so half the fun is in the romantic journey with your honey. Surprise them with a reservation for a window table that overlooks the restaurant’s northern side for unbeatable views.

Food and drinks paired with expansive mountain views make this a memorable date night choice.

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